October 3rd, 2017, from 11:30am to 1pm

Key Note Speaker: Barnet Bain "Milton's Secret" (Director/Writer) is an award winning Canadian director, producer, writer, author, and radio host, who will share his vision on directing and writing the film "Milton's Secret", based on the book by Eckhart Tolle and Robert Friedman.  It was produced to help families manage stress and anxiety and overcome family conflict and even bullying.

Three Guest Speakers: Ryan Lockwood (Producer), Stephen Huszar (Producer), and Joy Pavelich (CMHA Calgary Region)

Please reserve your spot to hear director Barnet Bain,  Ryan Lockwood, Stephen Huszar, and Joy Pavelic as they discuss  various tools and strategies, use in conjunction with the film "Milton Secret", to address  youth and metal heath issues.

You will hear how companion guides and books from "Mindful World"  relate to the family feature film, "Milton's Secret." Our wish is to bring Eckhart Tolle's teachings  to both a family  and school audiences, so everyone can experience the benefits of living a more conscious life together.