The Movie "Milton's Secret" is based on the book by eckhart tolle and robert s. friedman.  

"A victim of bullying at school and a witness to his workaholic parents’ (David Sutcliffe and Mia Kirshner) tensions at home, 12-year-old Milton (William Ainscough) grows despondent and retreats into an emotional shell. In desperate need of a guardian angel, he’s fortunate to have one arrive on his doorstep in the form of his enlightened, living-in-the-moment grandfather, Howard (Donald Sutherland). Wading into this fraught scene with an almost uncanny air of tranquility, Howard takes Milton under his wing and shares essential wisdom with the boy regarding how he might unburden himself of both past grievances and anxieties over the future.

On October 3rd, 2017 in the City of Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada, Prpick Boss Enterprises is proud to present this "special family screening of Barnet Bain’s open-hearted adaptation of the bestselling children’s book by renowned spiritual teacher, author and Vancouver resident Eckhart Tolle (The Power of Now). Blending contemporary concerns about financial uncertainty, bullying and social isolation with a soundtrack featuring classic pop songs by Donovan, Bain spins a timeless story about inner peace and empowerment that will resonate with parents and children alike. Given that the world seems to growing more chaotic by the moment, the reassuring insights contained with Milton’s Secret couldn’t have been revealed at a better time."


Trailer for "Milton's Secret"

Film Synopsis

"MILTON’S SECRET" tells the story of twelve-year-old Milton Adams who feels his world is in crisis. With his parents stressing about their careers and nances, and the neighborhood bully tormenting him, he is constantly anxious. When he is cyber-bullied by his tormentor, Milton experiences his rst panic attack and soon after realizes that he needs help. Luckily, Milton’s optimistic grandpa comes to visit and Milton learns the secret to nding true happiness from a man who has seen the world and committed to living life in the “now.”

Based on the book by Eckhart Tolle and Robert Friedman, "Milton’s Secret" is a live-action feature film that is appropriate viewing for ages 12+. Starring Donald Sutherland, Michele Rodriguez and William Ainscough, the film explores family and school life from the perspective of young Milton Adams as he and his family navigate a challenging time. 

“Milton’s Secret” points to the possibility of living in a different state of consciousness, one that no longer generates unnecessary suffering for yourself and for others. A great teaching in the movie is to just be very much aware of how the main character of the grandfather... how he lives, how he deals with situations, how he interacts with people. So by identifying with a conscious character in the movie, you yourself become more conscious than you otherwise would be.
— Eckhart Tolle, Author of Milton’s Secret & The Power of Now


WBM Office Systems Presents:

A Forum on Youth Anxiety and Bullying

Proposal for the support of educational screenings followed by discussion and classroom activities with our Social Emotional Learning Guide. 

Throughout the movie, life lessons are woven into the storyline, allowing the viewer to relate, consider, and identify with the characters’ struggles and how they manage themselves in a variety of situations.

Key scenes explore nancial worry, bullying, social anxiety created by public speaking, relationship challenges between spouses and the impact on their children, coming to terms with the past, building emotional resilience in stressful situations and remaining present in a world with too many devices and distractions.

The film "Milton’s Secret" was produced to help families manage stress and anxiety and overcome family con ict and even bullying.

Our offerings include online resources for parents and also a 7-lesson-plan Social Emotional Learning kit created for Grades 7 to 12.

With your help, we wish to bring the lm and related teachings to 1000 schools across North America. 

  • Lesson 1: Living in the NOW

    In this lesson students will reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of thinking about the past or the future and living in the present moment in order to learn and develop skills in self-awareness and self-management. This lesson is introduced to Milton by his grandfather, which models how a young person can adopt new strategies to overcoming stress brought on by obsessively thinking about imagined negative outcomes.

    Lesson 2: Breathe

    In this lesson students will reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of thinking about the past or the future. In this lesson students will learn about the positive benefit of conscious breathing techniques applied to situations that create stress and anxiety. The lesson outlines what happens when a person experiences a fight, flight, or freeze response and how the human body reacts to stress and anxiety. Providing simple, yet powerful tools for finding center and presence during stressful situations, students can develop resilience in the face of adversity and struggle.

    Lesson 3: Escaping Planet Fear

    This lesson helps students understand how future oriented thinking has the potential to promote fear and worry and how this type of thinking can be unhelpful. This chapter teaches lessons and skills related to awareness of thoughts and self-management techniques for addressing unhelpful thought patterns.

    Lesson 4: Responding versus Reacting

    This lesson will help students reflect on the advantages/disadvantages of responding and reacting and then describe and understand the benefits of responding versus reacting while learning and developing skills in self-awareness and self-management.



  • Lesson 5: Mindful Use of Devices

    In this lesson students will reflect on and describe their personal use of devices and then explore what research suggests on the effects of continuous use of devices so that they can learn and develop skills in assessing and managing how they engage on devices.

    Lesson 6: Forgiveness

    In this lesson students will learn about the benefits of forgiveness and the relationship between empathy, compassion, and forgiveness. They will then learn and practice strategies designed to promote empathy, compassion, and forgiveness in their interactions with others and within themselves.

    Lesson 7: Seeking Support and Supporting Others

    In this lesson, students will reflect on and identify situations where they should seek support from others and identify strategies for how they might support others so that they can understand their roles and responsibilities as individuals within the school and larger community. This lesson will seek to address issues of violence, bullying, and harassment within the context of the film.